unionml.schedule.create_scheduled_launchplan(workflow, name, *, expression=None, offset=None, fixed_rate=None, time_arg=None, inputs=None, **launchplan_kwargs)#

Create a LaunchPlan with a schedule.

  • workflow (WorkflowBase) – UnionML-derived workflow.

  • name (str) – unique name of the launch plan

  • expression (Optional[str]) – A cron expression) or valid croniter schedule for e.g. "@daily", "@hourly", "@weekly", "@yearly".

  • offset (Optional[str]) – duration to offset the schedule, must be a valid ISO 8601 duration . Only used if expression is specified.

  • fixed_rate (Optional[timedelta]) – a timedelta object representing fixed rate with which to run the workflow.

  • time_arg (Optional[str]) – the name of the argument in the workflow that will receive the kickoff time of the scheduled launchplan.

  • kwargs – additional keyword arguments to pass to flytekit.LaunchPlan

Return type:



a scheduled launch plan object.